Invigorate your sensory faculties plus your pores and skin with Elemis Revitalise-Me Shower room Gel. This pampering and richly indulgent formula cleanses and refreshes your skin with essential skin oils that leave epidermis moisturized and clean. Infused with thyme neroli and basil vital skin oils the harmonious blend of fragrances lifts you up and brightens your mindset. With a bit of mandarin orange and lime skin oils pores and skin is revitalized whilst sugary mango’s tropical good taste hydrates and offers an get away from for your thoughts. Invigorating shower area gel Cleanses refreshes and moisturizes Enjoyable important essential oil mix with awakening perfumes Revitalizing new clear

Elemis Revitalise-Me Shower Gel

Elemis Revitalise-me Shower Gel

Get that delicate swishy gleaming hair it is possible to throw occasionally with Elemis Revitalise-Me Hair shampoo. Designed with thyme basil and neroli this refreshingly-fragranced hair shampoo cleanses moisturizes and softens hair deep down leaving it much healthier than ever before and primed for conditioning. The revitalizing and waking up aroma keeps along throughout the day along with a glossy healthy gloss. Infused with outstanding aromatic crucial natural oils Cleanses softens and moisturizes Simply leaves head of hair clean and lustrous

Elemis Revitalise-Me Shampoo

Get that soft swishy sparkly head of hair it is possible to chuck occasionally with Elemis Revitalise-Me Conditioner. Designed with camellia leaf and rosemary components this refreshingly-fragranced conditioner nourishes moisturizes and circumstances head of hair deep down leaving behind it much healthier than in the past. With thyme basil and neroli hair remains having a revitalizing fragrance that continues to be together with you for hours on end along with a shiny healthy gloss. Infused with outstanding aromatic crucial oils Problems nourishes and moisturizes Foliage hair soft-gentle and lustrous

Elemis Revitalise-Me Conditioner

Stand up and opt for this uplifting shower area gel. Elemis Rejuvenate-Me Bath tub and Bath Gel has the power to clean whilst revitalizing epidermis. Crucial Natural oils of Basil Thyme Mandarin Neroli and Lime boost the body and mind. Awaken your character and your senses having a cleanser that washes aside your sleepiness and replaces it by using a broken of new-fragrant electricity when giving you a clear that one could truly feel. Cleanses brilliantly Refreshes pores and skin with clear invigoration Outstanding fragrance brightens mind and body

Elemis Revitalise Me Bath & Shower Gel

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